Kerta Bhuwana Giri Wilis

The Hindu temple is located in Bajulan Village Loceret District. Kerta Bhuwana Giri Wilis is a Penyawangan temple from Sapto Argo Temple found on the summit of Mount Wilis as a place of worship of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Sri and ancestors. Around Argo Sapto Temple there are sites. Elders Hindus believe Sapto Argo Temple there are five inscriptions and have found a number of three inscriptions. All three of these inscriptions carved on large boulders, there has been no research conducted at Mount Wilis. The third meaning of the inscriptions can not be expressed, written with symbols such as circles, crosses, roads, waterfalls and others. It was also found Pajenengan in the temple area Sapto Argo form Genta Triwikrama , tipped bell Narasingha, and Pasepan around carved four gods of which are stored and treated as Pajenengan in Kerta Bhuwana Pura Giri Wilis. To reach the summit of Mount Wilis, climbing from Pura Kerta Giri Bhuwana Willis during a seven hour drive.

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