Singokromo Waterfall in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province

A trip or vacation in Nganjuk Regency would give a nice experience to everyone. One of the motives to visit the region is none other than the presence of beautiful waterfalls. Most of these falls are located in Ngliman Village of Sawahan Sub-District. One of them is called Singokromo Waterfall. The fact is the village has 11 waterfalls to explore! All of them reside on the slope of Wilis Mountain, though, so tourists must give some efforts to reach the location. Singokromo is not an exception. This difficulty has great rewards, so don’t worry.

The Nuance
Singokromo (like its neighboring waterfalls) features natural and fresh water. In order to reach the site, tourists need to pass through foggy hills most of the times, especially in the early morning. Along the way to the location, a chilling air and refreshing atmosphere accompany everyone. Cliffs and valleys are also seen there. Not to mention lots of trees grow beautifully. The route is rocky and uneven, so everyone must walk carefully later. From the parking area, it takes a short trekking for about 300 meters to get to the site.

Exploring Singokromo Waterfall
Lots of locals would recommend Singokromo Waterfall to visitors or tourists. One of the reasons is the serene beauty of the waterfall itself. The location is secluded and it is flanked by bushy cliffs. Below, a natural pond resides and features rejuvenating and clear water. Many rocks surround the pond as well. For the information, the water discharge is moderate and the height is around 20 meters. The shady and serene nuance makes the site feels more comfortable, as well.

Due to the popularity, Singokromo Waterfall is well-known among outsiders and even foreigners too! These people are interested in several things. The beauty and serenity are indeed common. However, the waterfall also offers other allures including the mystery and history. In terms of name, it derives from “Singo” which means lions and “Kromo” which means mating. As the name suggests, that area once became a place for lions to gather and mate. The locals even consider it sacred and mystical!

Along the way to Singokromo Waterfall, tourists would see some old men who walk and head to someplace. It is said these people are local hermits who often spend their time in the mountain. The waterfall itself becomes one of their favorite spots for hermitage! The presence of these people creates a distinct ambiance to the site indeed. Somehow, they become a nice object for photography too.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Nongko Ijo Pine Forest
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How to Get There
The first and prime destination would be Nganjuk Regency. From Surabaya City, in this case, the trip would take around 2 hours and 3 minutes. It is because the distance is 112 km. The first route to take is Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. Next, tourists must take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Once they arrive at Nganjuk, the next destination is Ngliman Village at Sawahan Sub-District. The distance is 31.9 km, so this trip would take around 58 minutes. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Sedudo Street. From the village, tourists should reach the parking area and walk to the waterfall directly.

Where to Stay

  • Selopanggung Hotel
  • Pohsarang Hotel

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