About Nganjuk Regency


Nganjuk regency located in 111o5' - 112o13' and 7o20' - 7o59' LS.

The boundaries of Nganjuk are:
North side : Bojonegoro regency
South side : Kediri regency and Trenggalek regency
East side : Jombang regency and Kediri regency
West side : Ponorgo regency and Madiun regency

Nganjuk regency soil is contain of :
Field soil : 43.052.5 Ha
Dry soil : 32.373.6 Ha
Plantation soil : 47.007.0 Ha
Nganjuk regency has productive soil for varieties plants, both rice plants and garden plants. It is because Nganjuk is in lowland plain area and mountain area. That soil condition, has good aspect for economy development. This condition also supported by Widas river that flow along 69,332 km and fill of 3.236 Ha area, and Brantas river that able to fill the field 12.705 Ha width.
The high number of rain level in 2002 is January, 7.416 mm rate 436 mm. The lowest is 600 mm in November with its rate is 50 mm. In June till October, there is no rain at all.

Nganjuk regency width is + 122.433 km2 or 122.433 Ha.

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