Lor Temple

Lor Temple is situated in CandirejoVillage, Loceret approximately 4 km south of Nganjuk. Lor temple stands on a land area of ​​42 x 39.40 m = 1,654 m², the base area of ​​11.50 x 12.40 m = 142.60 m², and ± 9.30 m high temple, founded by a man named Empu Sendok in 859 Caka or 937 AD. Lor Temple was built on a pile of bricks that make this temple gradually eroded by time goes. Lor Temple is built as Memorial monument on Anjuk Ladang public services when the defeated Malay army is hard to beat. Around the building Lor Temple there are also two pieces of the tomb, which Abdu Dalem Kinasih Empu Sendok named Eyang Kerto and Eyang Kerti. In this temple can be found huge Kepuh tree that stands on the Lor Temple buildings. Kepuh tree has a 500 years old. Lor Temple also found statues that is not intact shape. Among these are Ganesha and Nandi, then the statue was brought to Kediri. Lor Temple is the forerunner of the establishment of Nganjuk (formerly Anjoek Ladang).

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