Ki Ageng Ngaliman Grave

Ki Ageng Ngaliman is a figure propagator of Islam in Ngliman region, Sawahan. At once referred to as a forerunner to establishment of Ngliman Village. Ki Ageng Ngliman buried in Ngliman Village, Sawahan District approximately 50 meters south of Ngliman Village Hall. He was buried together with his pal and the disciples. Into the graveyard building complex, there are six tombs among others Ki Ageng Ngaliman, Prince Pati, Prince Kembang Sore, Prince Tejo Kusumo, Prince Blumbang Segoro and Prince Sumendhi. At the gateway of Tomb Ki Ageng Ngaliman with stars image, dragonfly, scorpion, bird and lotus, where the images are likely to show a special meaning. Ki Ageng Ngaliman itself comes from Solo Central Java, the activities conducted Ki Ageng Ngaliman is to prepare for the struggle against the Dutch with physical and mental training is conducted housed in Padepokan hitherto called Sedepok, also in Sedudo at the summit of Mount Wilis. The struggle is intended to combat the Dutch government was governing the Surakarta Sultanate. The rationale for the migration of Ki Ageng Ngaliman from Solo to Nganjuk because of Nganjuk is the Sultanate Mataram so it is also useful to avoid the suspicion that Ki Ageng Ngaliman train soldiers settled in Nganjuk region which is a region of the Sultanate Mataram.

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