Anjuk Ladang Museum in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province

It is true that Nganjuk Regency is dominated by natural attractions when it comes to tourism. Despite the fact, the region also has several interesting places to learn history. For instance, it is Anjuk Ladang Museum. The location is beside Nganjuk Bus Station, which is at Gatot Subroto Street in Kauman Village. The museum has the prime function, which is to store and keep historical items (the heritages during Majapahit, Doho, and Hindu Era). That means visitors can learn the story of those items as well as watch them directly. It is also allowed to take photos during the exploration!

The Nuance
The nuance seems peaceful. The museum has an old appearance but features a beautiful garden. Several green trees and plants grow in that area. Not to mention it comes with a beautiful grassy landscape. The building consists of several rooms, actually. The front building applies a Joglo design, where the famous Anjuk Ladang Inscription is stored. As for the main building, it stores several historical items like masks, shadow puppets, jars, and much more. For the information, the total area of the site is around 2,633 meters per square.

Exploring Anjuk Ladang Museum
Anjuk Ladang Museum becomes a good alternative to spend a family recreation. It provides an interesting environment and historical information to visitors, after all. After arriving on the site, tourists may see a nice designed architecture. Before exploring or getting in the museum, tourists must consider hiring a local guide. The purpose is to get thorough information and history regarding both the museum and historical items. According to the guide, the museum was built in 1995 but it was inaugurated a year later.

After getting in the museum, tourists may find several rooms that store different items. The most favorite one is definitely the prime building where best items are stored. These include ancient coins, jars, etc. For those who come with a local guide, they can simply ask information regarding those items during the exploration. Another good thing is that the museum features good facilities and security. One thing, it is not recommended to eat snacks and drinks something inside the building. The purpose is to avoid spoiled environment due to the trash.

When it comes to popularity, most tourists are interested to watch some collections like andesite stones, potteries, horse-drawn carriage, inscriptions, Shiva statue, Linggayoni, and much more! During a special schedule, in fact, the management conducts an exhibition in the available exhibition hall. The museum closes in Monday, though, so tourists must visit it at the right time.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Nganjuk Square
  • Pandan Wilis Park
  • Golf Anjuk Recreational Park

How to Get There
From Surabaya City, tourists can directly head to Nganjuk Regency. The first route to take is Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. Next, they should take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway in order to reach the downtown. For the information, the whole trip would take around 2 hours and 3 minutes, as the distance is 112 km. After arriving at Nganjuk City, the next route to take is Raya Kediri – Nganjuk Street and head to the museum right away. The distance is 1.8 km, so this trip would take only 4 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Wilis Indah Hotel
  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Istana Hotel

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