Mount Wilis

Mount Wilis stretches in southern area of Nganjuk, gives you amazing of nature scenery with hundreds of natural waterfalls. Besides its nature potential, Mount Wilis also saves a lot of sites, temples and others archaeological objects.

Mount Wilis has three peaks: Puncak Wilis (Wilis Peak), Liman and Limas. You can reach Limas peak (2300mdpl) from Bajulan village, Nganjuk; or From Goliman, Kediri. While to reach Liman peak (2535mdpl), you can reach it through Sedudo or Madiun or Ponorogo. And Wilis peak (2563mdpl) can reached from Besuki hiking rail, Kediri or from Tulungagung and Trenggalek.

For all hiker, Mount Wilis will give you amazing experiences. Mount Wilis has still very nature area and has some variety of flora like edelweiss in several colors, orchids, and others. There is also several wild fauna, such as primates, birds, deers, and others.

For another options when you visit Nganjuk, there are some mountain around Nganjuk, including; Mount Jogopogo, Mount Wilis Wilboz, Mount Tapan Sewelas, Mount Mloloseketip, Mount Lekerasu and Mount Cumpleng.

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