Sumbermiri Waterfall in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province

Here is the next nice natural attraction for tourists to visit in Nganjuk Regency of East Java Province. The name is Sumbermiri Waterfall, which is located in Lengkong Sub-District. As the name suggests, the waterfall resides in Sumbermiri Village and becomes crowded during special holidays. The official name is Grojogan Duwur Sumbermiri, actually. Those who visit the site don’t need to pay an entrance fee at all. Not to mention they can enjoy beautiful panoramas and find best spots for photography. Some locals also come for hanging out with their friends or family members.

The Nuance
Both the nuance and beauty are quite impressive. In a nutshell, Sumbermiri Waterfall is dominated by an ancient river, which is formed by limestone. No wonder, the appearance is quite exotic. Not only the site comes with a stunning water discharge, but it also has beautiful limestone cliffs and rocks. As for the clarity, it is definitely excellent. Here is the best thing. The waterfall comes with a nice environment due to the presence of shady trees and lush plants. There is even a parking area for those coming with a private vehicle. It takes some money to use the facility, though.

Exploring Sumbermiri Waterfall
The first noticeable thing in Sumbermiri Waterfall is the merry nuance itself. It is because the number of visitors is considered high there, especially during weekends and holidays. The crowd consists of local people and outsiders, actually. Most of them want to get a new experience and find a distinct beauty. It is because Sumbermiri is different than others. The best feature is definitely the presence of limestone cliffs and an ancient river. Both of these look majestic and worth a photo shot!

Photography indeed becomes a popular activity in Sumbermiri Waterfall. Therefore, all tourists must not forget to carry a camera or smartphone during the visit. Is that all? Well, photography is one thing. It is because tourists can enjoy other fun things on the site. For instance, they can enjoy bathing or swimming in the natural pond. The clarity and shallow water would satisfy them, for sure. Plus, the water feels so rejuvenating in the morning! At noon, it becomes more beautiful due to the sparkling water, getting hit by the sunray.

Aside from Sumbermiri Waterfall, the site has other allures including the ancient river. The current is moderate, but it emits a distinct beauty as compared to regular rivers. Somehow, this ambiance soothes visitors. It is also recommended to take photos of the river! One thing, it is not recommended to swim in it due to the unpredictable current.

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How to Get There
The distance between Surabaya City (East Java Province) and Nganjuk Regency is 112 km. That means this trip would take around 2 hours and 3 minutes. The first route to take would be Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. Next, tourists can simply take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. After arriving at Nganjuk, their next destination is Sumbermiri Village at Lengkong Sub-District. This trip would take around 1 hour and 16 minutes, as the distance is 33.6 km. As for the best route, it is none other than Gondang – Ngluyu Street.

Where to Stay

  • Shinta Hotel
  • Budi Rayahu Hotel
  • Wisma Gerung Hotel

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