Sunan Ngatas Angin

Sunan Ngatas Angin with original name of Syeh Malik Al-Athos is sometimes known by the nickname Ki Ageng Cecek Molek. He actually comes from Egyptian territory. He is the younger brother of Syeh Jumadil Qubro buried in Troloyo, Trowulan. In the history of Wali Songo, he is the second generation of the guardian propagator of Islam in Java. Around the 1400s, he spread Islam to the region Ngatas Angin now called "Ngetos". He lived at the time of the Majapahit kingdom and acts as the first figure-Islamize Nganjuk region. Sunan Ngatas Angin is visited in the month of Suro, Friday Legi, Wage or Pahing. For those of you pilgrims, prominent scholar’s tomb is located in Ngetos Village, Ngetos District, approximately 15 km south of Nganjuk City.

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