Visiting Nganjuk City in East Java Province

When spending a vacation in East Java Province, tourists should consider visiting Nganjuk City. This regency is neighboring to Ponorogo, Kediri, Jombang, and Bojonegoro City. That means the accessibility is nice and it can be reached easily from Surabaya City too. In the past, during the reign of Medang Kingdom, the name of the region was Anjuk Ladang or the land of victory. These days, in terms of tourism, it has become a nice destination to explore nature and learn history. Many tourists call it Kota Angin or the City of Wind, actually.

The Nuance
Those who visit Nganjuk City should find some information regarding the region, especially related to attractions and allures that they can get during the visit. Nganjuk has several types of landscapes including farms, drylands, and forests. It also has two popular rivers called Brantas and Widas. As for the nuance, it can be either warm or wet depending on the season. Tourists should visit it in November if they want a colder ambiance, due to the high rainfall. On the other hand, it would be dry between June and October.

Exploring Nganjuk City
The real question is what tourists would do in Nganjuk City. When it comes to tourism, the region is known for its waterfalls and other natural attractions. Despite the fact, it also has some historical and mysterious sites. As for waterfalls, some good names are Sedudo, Roro Kuning, Singokromo, Gedangan, Sumber Manik, etc. Almost all of them are located in the same area, so tourists don’t need to spend much time to explore them all. The similarity is indeed the challenging route. It takes both stamina and time in order to reach the location.

During the visit, tourists must drop by in some historical places as well. As for the reference, they can start with Ngetos and Lor Temple. After that, it is recommended to visit Margo Tresno Cave and Anjuk Ladang Tourist Area. For those coming with kids or family members, they can reach the famous Kertosono Legend Waterpark! In order to enjoy all these attractions, though, tourists must carry enough money to pay for the tickets. It is also recommended to come in a group for a merrier nuance.

Aside from those vacation spots, Nganjuk City is also known for other things, including traditional arts and performances. Some famous names are Tayub, Wayang Timplong, Jaranan, Salipuk Dance, Mung Dhe Dance, and much more! After watching these all, tourists must not forget to buy some traditional foods and snacks like Dumbleg, Nasi Becek, Nasi Pecel, and Nasi Tumpang. These foods are delicious, cheap, and easy to find!

Nearby Attractions

  • Anjuk Ladang Museum
  • Gedung Juang Nganjuk
  • Pandan Wilis Park
  • Nganjuk Square
  • Lor Temple

How to Get There
From the capital of East Java Province, tourists should take Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway first. Next, they should take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway in order to reach Nganjuk Regency. This trip usually takes around 2 hours and 3 minutes, as the distance is 112 km. After arriving at the destination, tourists can find a local hotel and rest for a while before exploring the region. As for the tip, it is recommended to hire a local guide!

Where to Stay

  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Istana Nganjuk Hotel
  • Wilis Indah Hotel
  • Djaya Hotel
  • Mataram Hotel

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