Mangunan Fruit Garden in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

When spending a vacation in Bantul Regency of Yogyakarta Special Region, tourists must not forget to visit the famous Mangunan Fruit Garden. The locals call it Kebun Buah Mangunan and it has become a major tourist site in Bantul! As the name suggests, it is located in Mangunan Village and belongs to Dlingo Sub-District. As for the allures, as the name implies, the site offers various fruits that grow in a garden. Not to mention visitors are able to witness fabulous panoramas of the horizon. The location is on a highland, after all.

The Nuance
Mangunan Fruit Garden is located on 200 meters above the sea level. No wonder, both the nuance and scenery are wonderful. Some locals even call it a “negeri diatas awan” or the country above the clouds! In the morning, a foggy panorama welcomes everyone and the refreshing air soothes all visitors. Plus, the mountain views never fail to impress tourists! As for the size, the site resides on an area of about 23 hectares! Some facilities like photography spots and gazebos are available there. Also, the prime feature is the garden itself, where many types of fruit trees grow including durian, oranges, rambutan, mangoes, and much more!

Exploring Mangunan Fruit Garden
So, what can tourists do when visiting Mangunan Fruit Garden? The most common thing to do is sightseeing. That means visitors want to watch beautiful scenery from that area. Here is the tip. The best time to visit the site is in the early morning. Some people say it is at 4 am! The purpose is definitely to watch the beautiful sunrise! As an alternative, they can come at 5 pm and wait for the sunset. For a better experience, it is recommended to carry a camera too!

The next common thing to do in Mangunan Fruit Garden is related to photography. It is true that both sunrise and sunset become the best objects to capture. However, the site also offers a pine forest! Tourists should reach this spot and conduct photography there. The location is not quite far, so don’t worry. In the forest, there is also a unique stage where the management often conducts some events and performances. Thus, tourists must choose the right time for watching these.

What is more? The prime activity perhaps is to explore the fruit garden itself. Tourists can learn some species of fruits as well as take photos in the garden. It is even possible to taste some after paying the fee. Later, after exploring the fruit garden, tourists must reach a nearby unique landmark called Watu Tumpang. The location is near to the pine forest and it becomes a perfect object for photography, too!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Becici Peak
  • Mangunan Pine Forest
  • Batu Seribu Park
  • Tembelan Valley
  • Banyu Nibo Waterfall

How to Get There
It is considered easy to visit Mangunan Fruit Garden. First, tourists must get to Yogyakarta City by taking their preferred transportation service. From Jakarta City, it is recommended to take an airplane, though. The flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta) to Adisucipto Airport (Yogya) would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes, actually. After tourists arrive at Yogyakarta, they must take Imogiri Timur Street and head to Bantul Regency. This trip usually takes around 27 minutes, as the distance is 20.8. After reaching Bantul, they should take Imogiri – Dlingo Street and head to Mangunan Village right away. This time, the trip would take around 13 minutes as the distance is 7.1 km.

Where to Stay

  • Dika Jaya Homestay
  • Subardi Homestay
  • Adiluhung Homestay

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