Goa Cemara Beach in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Southern Beaches of Bantul Regency never fail to lure outsiders and tourists! The choices are many, so tourists can visit the ones that they love the most. As for the reference, there is Goa Cemara Beach which is located in Sanden Sub-District. The exact location is in Gadingsari Village, actually. The location is near to Samas Beach, so visitors can drop by in both beaches during the same day of the visit. Other beaches that reside there are Kwaru and Pandansari Beach. As for the name, “Goa” means cave while “Cemara” means cypress or pine trees.

The Nuance
As the name suggests, the beach’s prime feature is the presence of shady pine trees that grow near to the shoreline. The shady trees even make a shape, which is similar to a cave. No wonder, the locals gave the name Goa Cemara to the site. It is said more than 5000 Cemara Udang trees grow in that area. These trees grow on an area of about 20 hectares, located next to the shoreline. What about the nuance? The wind feels breezy and the waves look fierce. At noon, tourists can avoid the heat of the sun by sitting under the cypress trees, as well.

Exploring Goa Cemara Beach
Here is the question. What can tourists do once arriving at Goa Cemara Beach? Usually, people would conduct photography or photo session on the site. It is because the beach offers a unique natural background that tourists can’t find in other beaches. The alleys of pine trees look so beautiful and become a perfect background for photography. Aside from those trees, the sea also looks wonderful due to the strong and big waves. It becomes a good background for photography, too, for sure.

The next thing to do in Goa Cemara Beach is relaxation. Tourists can simply carry a hammock and install it on the trees. The breezy warm wind would make the nuance more comfortable during relaxation. As for the foods or drink, visitors can get some on local eateries that operate near to the entrance of the shoreline. After eating, they should get back to the beach in order to enjoy the beautiful sunset!

Beach walking becomes the next recommended thing to do in Goa Cemara Beach. There is no natural border in that area, so tourists can only see a vast shoreline. It is even possible to walk and reach nearby beaches especially Kuwaru. Some people consider it tiring, though. As an alternative, they can rent an ATV and explore the shoreline in a comfier manner.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pandansari Hotel
  • Patehan Hotel

How to Get There
The best way to reach the Yogyakarta Special Region is indeed by airplane. For instance, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta City) to Adisucipto Airport would take about 1 hour and 10 minutes. After tourists arrive at Yogyakarta, they can take Imogiri Timur Street and head to Bantul Regency. This trip would take around 27 minutes, as the distance is 20.8 km. Once arriving at Bantul, the next destination is indeed Goa Cemara Beach at Gadingsari Village in Sanden Sub-District. The distance is 21.4 km, so this trip takes approximately 30 minutes. There are two best routes. First, tourists should take Parangtritis Street. Next, they should take Samas Street.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Brata
  • Budi Inn Hotel
  • New Yogyakarta Hotel

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