Kedung Pengilon Waterfall in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Several major beautiful waterfalls are located in Bantul Regency and one of them is called Kedung Pengilon Waterfall. This exotic waterfall is located in Bangunjiwo Village and belongs to Kasihan Sub-District. Despite the popularity, some tourists don’t know the exact location yet. Thanks to the friendly locals. These people would help tourists regarding the direction or other things. Well, in terms of name, “Kedung” means a pool while “Pengilon” means a mirror. The locals gave the name based on the presence of a beautiful and serene pond that resides under the waterfall, actually.

The Nuance
Kedung Pengilon Waterfall is located in a secluded area. It is surrounded by bushes and small plants. In terms of size, the waterfall is considered small and has a weak water discharge. As people may expect, the best feature is none other than the beautiful natural pond. The shape of the pond is oval and it has a diameter of about 15 meters. The clarity is excellent and it gets the water from a nearby natural spring. As for the depth, it is around 8 meters! Thus, the pond is not suitable for those who can’t swim.

Exploring Kedung Pengilon Waterfall
People who come with a local guide would be able to learn the history regarding the waterfall. According to the local legend, a wise queen lived in that area. Due to her asceticism, the pond was always able to accommodate the locals’ necessities. Due to the clarity, it was named based on it. Have no worries. Tourists would be able to learn further information about the waterfall from the villagers later. If necessary, they can also hire a local guide to get the exact information.

The prime allure in Kedung Pengilon Waterfall is definitely the exotic natural pond. In fact, the popularity is better than the waterfall itself. The clarity is wonderful and the water feels refreshing. This explains why most tourists want to either swim or bathe in it. Here is the consideration. As mentioned before, the pool is quite deep. Thus, kids and those who can’t swim must not get in it. Instead, they can simply sit by the pond and enjoy the nuance.

Another prime feature in Kedung Waterfall is the presence of a bamboo bridge, which was built by locals for relaxation and sightseeing. From that spot, tourists would see better panoramas too. In that area, tourists can also see many interesting natural attractions including a forest, local farms, and small rivers. All of them are worth a photo shoot, without a doubt.

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How to Get There
The prime destination is definitely Yogyakarta Special Region. For those coming from Jakarta City, they can simply take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Adisucipto Airport. Usually, this trip may take 1 hour and 10 minutes. After tourists arrive at Yogyakarta City, their next destination is Bantul Regency. The best route to take is Imogiri Timur Street and the distance is 20.8 km. This trip is likely to take 27 minutes. From Bantul, the next route to take is Bakulan Imogiri Street and tourists can directly head to Bangunjiwo Village at Kasihan Sub-District where the waterfall is located. The distance is 17 km, so this trip would take about 35 km.

Where to Stay

  • Omah Jati Villa
  • Sunset Villa
  • Krebet Homestay
  • KVLatresna Villa

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