Seribu Rumah Gadang in Solok Regency, West Sumatra Province

Visiting Solok Regency becomes a worthy experience for tourists, especially those who live outside the region. Here is the tip. Everyone should head to South Solok and visit the famous Kawasan Seribu Rumah Gadang. In terms of name, it means the center of a thousand Gadang Houses (the traditional house of Minangkabau). As the name suggests, visitors would find lots of beautiful and unique houses in this area. The exact location is in Koto Baru Village at Pagu River Sub-District. It even has become an iconic tourist site in Solok. No wonder, the number of visitors keeps increasing over time! So, what is in there?

The Nuance
Once arriving at the site, tourists may feel the rural nuance right away. They can only see Gadang Houses! These buildings look similar, featuring a unique roof. According to the locals, these houses have been there for hundreds of years! Some of them came from the 1700s, in fact. It is true that the local government has done some renovations there. Though, the original design and beauty remain. The area also features some small trees, bushes, and small route. It would feel comfortable when exploring the site, therefore.

Exploring Seribu Rumah Gadang
Even though the site includes “a thousand” in its name, tourists can only find about 138 houses there. The name was given by the ex-minister Meutia Farida. Since then, the locals call it Seribu Rumah Gadang. So, what can tourists do on the site? The most common thing to do is exploration. Visitors can simply get around the area and witness stunning houses directly. During the exploration, though, it is recommended to hire a local guide to acquire detailed information and direction about the site.

The next common thing to do in Seribu Rumah Gadang is photography. This can be done either at the exterior or interior part of the houses! From outside, the houses look unique with their horn-like roof. In order to get in the houses and take photos inside, though, everyone should acquire permission. Once getting in, they may see numerous attractive ornaments and some rooms. Thus, it is recommended to take photos of all those objects!

Here is the tip. Tourists should consider visiting Seribu Rumah Gadang at night. Why is that? The nuance becomes more exotic! As an alternative, it is best to visit the site in the morning. The purpose is to witness the locals’ daily routines. Sometimes, in fact, those people perform a traditional ceremony! Tourists are allowed to join the event, so don’t worry.

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How to Get There
The first destination is Padang City and it can be done fast by airplane. For instance, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta City) to Minangkabau City would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Later, from Padang, they can head directly to Solok Regency by taking Selayo – Padang Street. The distance is 80 km, so the trip would take around 2 hours and 15 minutes. From Solok, tourists should take Padang – Surian Street and reach Kawasan Seribu Rumah Gadang. This trip may take about 3 hours.

Where to Stay

  • Rita Homestay
  • Sakinah Guesthouse
  • Ummi Kalsumi Hotel

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