Paralayang Hill in Solok City, West Sumatra Province

For the next holidays, it is recommended to spend a vacation in Solok City. One of the reasons is that tourists can visit beautiful highlands and enjoy fun sports like paragliding. In this case, the right destination would be Bukit Paralayang or Payo Peak. In terms of nuance and popularity, it is similar to that of Agam Regency’s Puncak Lawang! The official name is Puncak Bidadari Payo and it has become a signature area to conduct an annual paragliding event. Despite the fact, visitors can enjoy the activity regardless of the time, as long as they fulfill all requirements.

The Nuance
Like other hills, this one offers both refreshing ambiance and beautiful panoramas. The hill is dominated by weeds and small bushes. Only several tall trees grow on it, so the atmosphere is considered hot at noon. Despite the fact, the landscape is sloping and it is suitable for trekking and paragliding. On the horizon, tourists may see a vast panorama including local settlements, trees, roads, farms, and much more! In the morning, the air feels fresher. In the afternoon, the ambiance becomes smoother due to stronger breezes.

Exploring Paralayang Hill
It is true that Puncak Bidadari Payo is known for its paragliding activity. Tourists can either try this challenging aero sport or watch others. After all, it requires lots of preparation and some money to try the activity. As an alternative, they can simply come at the right time to watch a merry paragliding event. This is done annually, so tourists must find out the schedule first. In some cases, they need the help of a tour agent to find the information.

Aside from paragliding, Payo Peak is suitable for other activities including trekking. As mentioned before, the landscape is sloping, so everyone can enjoy trekking easily. The bushy and grassy surface makes it more comfortable to explore. One thing, big trees are scarce, so tourists won’t be able to avoid the heat of the sun at noon. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct trekking either in the morning or afternoon.

The next fun thing to do in Payo Peak is sightseeing. After arriving at the top of the hill, tourists can simply sit and rest while watching amazing panoramas. The nearby settlements look majestic from up there! The breezy wind blows strongly in the afternoon and it even feels fresher in the morning. For the information, the hill is also suitable to visit at night for watching sparkling lights in the evening. However, it requires more efforts due to the dark route. While sightseeing, it is also recommended to take some photos of those panoramas! Don’t forget to carry a camera, therefore.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lake Singkarak
  • Malalo Waterfall
  • Tubia Peak

How to Get There
From Jakarta, tourists can simply take an airplane and head to Padang City right away. This flight may take only about 1 hour and 40 minutes during good weather. After reaching Minangkabau Airport, they should take Selayo – Padang Street and head to Solok City. This trip may take around 2 hours and 15 minutes, as the distance is 80 km. From Solok, the next destination is Tanah Garam Village at Lubuk Sikarah Sub-District, where the hill is located. The best route to take is Dr. Hamka Street and the distance is 46.8 km. That means this trip would take around 1 hour and 15 minutes at least.

Where to Stay

  • Singkarak Sumpur Hotel
  • Ratna Juwita Hotel

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