Batu Kapal Cave in Solok Regency, West Sumatra Province

West Sumatra Province is not all about Padang City. It is because tourists can visit other interesting regions, especially Solok Regency. In the south part of this region, a famous tourist site resides. The name is Batu Kapal Cave, which is located in Sungai Kunyit Barat Village. To be exact, this unique cave resides in Sungai Kunyit Barat Village. The locals often call it Goa Batu Kapal or GBK, actually. These days, in fact, it has been luring outsiders and tourists. These people want to see this attractive geological phenomenon directly, after all. Plus, the accessibility is nice and the cave is located near to the downtown.

The Nuance
Even though a trip to Batu Kapal Cave won’t take much time, everyone needs to conduct trekking when reaching the mouth of the cave. The distance is about 250 meters from the parking area, actually. Not to mention visitors would pass through palm plantations along the way to the entrance of the cave. Once arriving on the site, the sound of bats welcomes everyone. It is because lots of bats live in the cave. As for the nuance, like other caves, this one offers a damp and dark ambiance. Despite the fact, it looks beautiful due to the presence of stalactites.

Exploring Batu Kapal Cave
It is recommended to come to Batu Kapal Cave with a local guide. The purpose is to obtain further information regarding the site. It is said the cave was found in 1984 and has become a new vacation area in Solok Regency. In terms of name, “Batu” means rocks while “Kapal” means boat. The locals gave the name due to the presence of rocks that resemble a boat. Lots of people come to the cave to take photos of these objects, therefore.

Aside from photography, tourists are interested to visit Batu Kapal Cave for exploration and caving. From the parking area, the adventure begins. This short trekking features beautiful views of local palm plantations and bushy landscapes. Once arriving at the entrance, tourists may feel the darkness right away. Have no worries. As long as they carry a flashlight, caving would be comfortable. Inside, beautiful natural ornaments welcome them. Those stalactites look amazing indeed. The next feature is the presence of 4 limestone chambers, which look similar to boat cabins!

For the information, Batu Kapal Cave is located on 68 meters above the sea level. This explains why visitors would feel the breezy wind and comfortable atmosphere on the site. The presence of lush trees makes the site more soothing, as well. Somehow, the location is suitable for lessening relaxation!

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How to Get There
Before heading to Batu Kapal Cave at Sungai Kunyit Barat Village, tourists should reach Padang City first. From Jakarta City, in this case, they can take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Minangkabau Airport. The flight would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. From Padang, the next destination is Solok Regency. The trip can be done through Selayo – Padang Street, which may take around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The distance is 80 km, after all. From Solok, they can directly head to the cave. The distance is 170 km and the best route is Padang – Surian Street. This trip may take about 5 hours.

Where to Stay

  • Azura Padang Aro
  • Prolibas Hotel

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