Cinangkak Hill in Solok City, West Sumatra Province

For those visiting West Sumatra Province, they should not forget to drop by in Solok City. The motive may vary indeed. Still, no one would refuse to visit a nice vacation spot like Cinangkak Hill. This beautiful hill is located in Singkarak Village and belongs to X Koto Singkarak Sub-District. As for the allure, the site is suitable for sightseeing and photography. It offers amazing panoramas and backgrounds, after all. Aside from that, the hill has a nice atmosphere, which is suitable for relaxation. Plus, the local government gives special attention to the site. No wonder, tourists can find many facilities there.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Cinangkrak Hill, tourists may feel the refreshing atmosphere. The presence of lush tall trees and bushy plants makes the site quite comfortable! As for the panorama, the most noticeable one is definitely Singkarak Lake. The pristine and unspoiled nature would also accompany all visitors. What about facilities? Visitors may notice the famous wooden bridge and several gazebos. Not to mention outbound facilities are available on the site, including tree houses and a flying house. Don’t forget to climb the viewing posts, too!

Exploring Cinangkak Hill
Due to excellent management and facilities, the site costs some money. Thus, all tourists must carry some cash to pay both the entrance and parking fee. Have no worries. The price is quite affordable. As for tourist activities, the most common thing to do is sightseeing. For the best views, in this case, tourists should climb the viewing post and watch surrounding scenery from up there. It is also recommended to take photos! As an alternative, they can simply use available lodges or gazebos for relaxation.

Cinangkak Hill is, somehow, suitable for lessening or getting rid of stresses. While relaxing at gazebos, tourists can see beautiful local farms and hills. The nuance even feels better both in the early morning and afternoon. Next, it is recommended to explore the hill and use all available facilities. These include the wooden bridge and tree houses, indeed. Once getting on these spots, the views even look more beautiful! Some people perhaps don’t have the guts to go up there. Have no worries. The safety is excellent.

Is that all? Here is the fact. The hill features a café where tourists can relax while enjoying snacks and beverages. Even at night, the ambiance becomes more soothing! The sparkling lights of nearby settlements reflect beautifully on the lake’s surface! One thing, the weather becomes colder in the evening, so tourists must wear a warm jacket while exploring the hill at the time.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first destination is Padang City and tourists can get there fast by airplane. For example, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta City) to Minangkabau Airport would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. From Padang, tourists can head to Solok City directly by taking Selayo – Padang Street. Later, from Solok, they may continue the trip and take Dr. Hamka Street. The destination is Cinangkak Hill at Singkarak Village, for sure. This trip may take around 28 minutes, as the distance is 16.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Meuthia Homestay

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