Singkawang has known as Thousand Temples city or Amoy City. Why? it because the number of Chinese people who live in this area bring their culture here and built many temples here. You will not complete your journey to Singkawang without visit one of the tourism objects here.

Singkawang is only 150 km or 2-3 hours from Pontianak. The city has become part of "satellite"city Pontianak, because from the local revenue and economic activity, this city more advanced and modern than other municipality throughout the province and the provincial capital itself is Pontianak. Singkawang which has about 300 thousand population has developed its city and more advanced in various fields. This heterogeneous city has various heterogeneous people from all walks of life but has high tolerance each other. Of course there are many other factors in Singkawang economic revival.

If you go to Singkawang, you should visit recommended tourism objects, like visit a temple on Mount Passi, which is located in Sejangkung, South Singkawang. There, you will see the green panorama with nature sense around. To get there, you have struggled up the hill that was paved and not too steep. Need extra initiated the motorcycle or a car to go there. But you're not going to disappoint when your arrive, because your eyes will be cooled with the scenery, fish pond, temple, dragon statue and small garden around the temple courtyard.

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