Enjoy The Culinary And The Palace On Pontianak


Pontianak is officially the capital city of West Kalimantan province, the ethnic of Tionghoa call this city as Khun tien. This city is famous as the City of Equatorial for it passed by the earth zero degrees latitude.

The name of Pontianak was belived had something to do with the folk tale about Syarif Abdurrahman which was haunted by the ghost of Kuntilanak when he walked along the 1.1 megameter Kapuas River, which is the longest river in Indonesia.

Abdurahman Sharif had fired the cannon to drive away the ghost, at the same time indicating where the cannon was falling, so that was where the royal establishment. Cannon ball crashed through the intersection of three of the Kapuas River and the Landak River which are now more familiar with Beting Kampung Dalam Bugis Pontianak Timur or the city of Pontianak.

Pontianak city was founded by Abdurrahman Sharif Alkadrie on Wednesday, October 23, 1771 (1185 H), it was marked by the opening of forest at the crossroads of three rivers; Landak River, Little Kapuas River and the Kapuas River to establish a hall and a house as a residence. In 1192 H, Sharif Rahman confirmed as the Sultan of the Sultanate of Pontianak. The location of the center of government marked by the establishment of the Masjid Jami Sultan Abdurrahman Alkadrie and Kadariah Palace, which is now located at Bugis Village in the Eastern District of Pontianak

Most of Pontianak city economy relies on industry, agriculture, and commerce. The food plants in Pontianak are mostly coming from cassava, rice, yams. The residents are also farmed vegetables and aloe vera. They also have fruits like jackfruit, banana, pineapple.

Pontianak city tourism is supported by the cultural diversity from the population themselves; the Dayaks, Malays, and Tionghoa. Dayak tribe has an abundance of gratitude for the harvest feast called Naik Dango and Tionghoa has a feast of activities and celebration of Lunar New Year and the feast prayers for the grave (Cheng Beng or Kuo Ciet) and those are having attractive tourist value.

Pontianak is also known as a place for culinary tourism. The diversities make this city as a culinary paradise. The famous foods in Pontianak are like, Sambal Goreng Tempoyak, Sotong Pangkong, spicy porridge, lemang, kwetiau, kwe cap, and aloe verra beverages.

Beside the annual feast that held in Pontianak, there are also some tourism destinations that properly to be visited like Pontianak Palace, Sambas Beach, Jami great mosque, Equator monument, Pasir panjang beach and many more.

Enjoy the culinary and the palace


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