Traditional Batik Gedog Tuban

Batik Gedog

Batik Gedog is a traditional painting Batik from Tuban – East Java. Kerek, a region of Tuban is well known as central of Batik Gedog. Mostly the Batik Gedog’s artisan is come from Kerek.

This kind of Indonesian Batik is a masterpiece of cultural creation which the existence still accepted by society until now. There’s many value of art and cultural content that represented by the Batik, so that this kind of batik have its own special characteristic.

Tuban, as one of the town which located in the east of Java Island, has an unique culture. It’s called unique, because in this town there are 3 of culture that influenced the society. That 3 of culture influencing one to another, and they are still exist and develop. That 3 of culture are Majapahit Kingdom, Islam and Chinese. Culture of Majapahit Kingdom influenced Tuban, because region of Tuban was included in power of Majapahit, when this Kingdom was in command. Then, Islam culture, developed by Sunan Bonang, a religious leader that propagating Islam around Tuban through his art creations. While Chinese culture came to Tuban, because in Majapahit Kingdoms’ era , Tuban was one of the biggest harbor. And from this harbor Kubilai Khan came into Majapahit, also as well as running away from empire of Majapahit. And until nowadays, the generations of Kubilai Khan’s solders living in Tuban.

Hence, when we perceives motif of Batik Gedog, we can find that 3 of cultures influences the every details. Such as the bird picture that being a motif of Batik Gedog, is bird called “ Hong”, which is a bird from China, and never be found in Tuban. Then, flower motifs, we can found in common batik’s motif along of Java Island. The last, culture of Islam represented by the religious name of Batik Gedog’s motifs such as Kijing Miring, etc.

Batik Gedog has so many kinds of motif and design , such as Ganggeng,Kembang Randu, Kembang Waluh, Cuken, Melati Selangsang, Satriyan, Kijing Miring, Likasan Kothong, Guntingan, Panjiori, Kenongo Uleren, Panji Krentil, Panji Serong, and Panji Konang. The last 3 of motifs, in former was only wears by the prince. Then Panji Krentil that has indigo color, believes have a power to healing some diseases.

Former, Batik Gedog only use or wear in a tradional ceremony such as earth alms ( sedekah bumi ), wedding, and funeral. But by the time, Batik Gedog now, is also use as a daily clothes and other functions such as such as souvenirs, like tablecloth, bad cover, and also wall’s decoration.

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