Biru (Blue) Lake Singkawang

Biru (Blue) Lake tourism is located in Roban, Skip baru, Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Why is this lake called Lake Blue? It because this lake has blue water. Biru Lake is one of interesting, unique and exotic tourist attractions in Singkawang.

The location of Biru lake is about 6 km from the center of SIngkawang city. You can get there by motorcycle or car about 30 minutes from Singkawang city to the lake. According to local residents, there are many youth visitors in the afternoon an enjoying the sunset. Many of the local residents during the holidays bath and swimming in the lake, especially the children.

This lake is unique. Its blue color looks contrast in the middle of grassland and desert. Settled in the middle of an arid landscape with white sand color, you can see the forest border and oil palm plantation within a radius of 2-3 kilometers from this area.

The visitors can enjoy its nature scenery, beautiful charm with sky blue and blue waters as well. The green grassland, leafy palm gardens and arranged in a neat, green mountains, mounds of desert, rocks formed by rain water, and many other unique things.

This blue water lake is actually an illegal gold mining a few years ago. Now this place is no longer attempted to mine and turned into a lake with blue water looks. Actually all of this objects is the effects of environmental damage that results in beautiful scenery. Perhaps the term nature, "gives the lesson behind the damage inflicted by the miners".

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