Bougenville Park Hill

Based on its name, the most complete collections in this park is dominated by Bougenville flower (Bougenvillea spectabilis) multicolored. Bougenville, or commonly called by the name of paper flowers. Unmitigated, various types of Bougenville planted comes from within and outside the country. There are about 46 species counted Bougenville flowers in this garden. Besides offering the beauty of the flowers, this garden also equipped with tourism facilities such as playgrounds, canteen, and a rest area. It is suitable if you invite your family vacation to the flower garden for relax and relieve fatigue.

Although dominated Bougenville, visitors who visit here can still see a variety of other flowers that is like, aglonema, antorium and various types of orchids. Not only the flowers, the 1.5 hectares of this park also has a collection of fruit crops, such as starfruit honey, avocado, rambutans and durian. Fruit crops are type of fruits which is often sold by traders in Singkawang.

This is one of spot most favored by tourists when visiting Bougenville Park Hill, namely homogenous forest. This area is called the Super Cool Area because in this area filled with agarwood tree grove. So no wonder if this homogenous forest dubbed the Super Cool Area. In this location, beside can enjoy the super cool air, the tourists can also take advantage of the beauty of this homogenous forest as a place for pre-weeding photograph or take pictures with friend and family.

For you who loves of plant flowers or just collect flowers, flower seeds can be purchased directly provided in the greenhouse park. The flower seedlings price varies depending on the type of flowers you want to purchase. Bougenville Park Hill is daily open, start from 9 am to 9 pm with ticket of 10,000 IDR, you can enjoy the beauty of a flower garden with the super cool air.

How to get there :
The garden is located in Sijangkung Village, 6 km or 15 minutes from Singkawang. It’s on the foot of a hill with Mount Pasi in the background and surrounded by forests and plantations which would make this area are very beautiful and cool. Choose a destination flight to Supadio, Pontianak. From the airport, can hire land vehicle towards Singkawang takes about 3 hours. On arrival at Singkawang, continue the trip to the south as far as approximately 6 km to Sijangkung Village where the Boegenville Park Hill located is takes about 15 minutes. Bougenville Park Hill is daily open from 9 am to 9 pm.

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