DAS Kapuas

Kapuas as the longest river in Borneo is very famous for its exoticism. This area is very rich with adventure tourism and water sports. With water toughest terrain between the other entrance, Kapuas region is a haven for water sports enthusiasts extreme.

Beside having rafting with grade IV-V, the other water sports that can be done here such as waterboarding, tubing and body rafting and kayaking. Beside water sports, the Kapuas rich of hills and limestone caves that attract enthusiasts challenges for caving and rock climbing. There is quite challenging cliff in Kapuas which already been conquered and truly still virgin.

For the long distances trekking lovers, Kapuas is the main entrance trail trace expedition of George Muller in Kapuas - Mahakam. This journey trans Borneo (West Kalimantan - East Kalimantan) can be taken for 7 days through upper Kapuas river crossing then trekking throgh Muller mountains and finally meet with the upstream of Mahakam River in East Kalimantan. The trekking starts from Putussibau (Kapuas Hulu) towards Nanga Bungan where this speedboat trips taken within 9-10 hours before tourists resting at Nanga Bungan resort. If it was daytime and the weather also supports, the journey will continue to the most upstream villages named Cape Lokang. The village is relatively large and crowded because at the past, this village is the trade center of swallow nest and gold. From this village, as the adventurous, you will be invited to pass through the thick forest in Betung KerihunNational Park and cross the river and climb Muller mountain and eventually reached the upper Mahakam River before descending towards Samarinda city in East Kalimantan.

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