Kapuas Hulu

Kapuas Hulu is one of regency of West Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The region is home to a diversity of indigenous groups, including the Iban and the Silat. Towns along Kapuas River include Sintang, Nanga Lebang, Nanga Ketungau, Nanga Silat, Semitau, Nanga Bunut, and Putussibau, the regency's administrative centre. It covers 29,842 sq.kms area.

Kapuas Hulu bounded on the north by Sarawak, East Malaysia, by the province East Kalimantan (Kalimantan Timur or KalTim) on the northeast, by Central Kalimantan (Kalimantan Tengah or KalTeng) on the southeast and by Sintang (another Kabupaten of West Kalimantan) on the west-southwest. With the Upper-Kapuas-Range, which stretches from the northwest to the northeast and the Muller-Range, where the Kapuas originates and which stretches from the northeast to the southwest, a large part of Kapuas Hulu consists of mountainous terrain, while the landscape becomes more flatten to the west of Putussibau.

There are two national parks located in Kapuas Hulu: Betung Kerihun National Park and Sentarum Lake National Park. Betung Kerihun is a mountainous area of 8000 sq km covered with dense forest and traversed by hundreds of rivers, while Sentarum Lake is a wetland forest area of 1320 sq km with a unique lake system, that may grow to a single water mass during rainy season, when the Kapuas overflows its banks and diverting most of its water to the lakes. Yet the rich biodiversity is not limited to the parks only, but Kapuas Hulu offers rich fauna and flora outside of the parks as well.

Not only those incredible nature things that make a visit of Kapuas Hulu worthwhile, but also the local population with their unique traditional customs, rituals and ceremonies as well as with their traditional arts and crafts. The majority of the population consists of two major ethnic groups, the Dayak and Malayu. Yet the members of both, the Dayak tribes and the Malayu live mostly in small villages along the many rivers where they preserve their cultural heritage, despite influences of globalization and foreign cultures. And if one is keen to visit or stay in a traditional longhouse, Kapuas Hulu is certainly the right place. It because the majority of Kalimantan’s remaining longhouses even of entire Borneo are located in Kapuas Hulu.

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