Rindu Alam Taman Bunga Bukit Pasir Panjang

Similar to Rindu Alam, Bogor, but the difference is we can see the ocean and island views from this Rindu Alam height. Rindu Alam Singkawang is one of the tourist area in West Singkawang territory and still in Singka Island area.

In Rindu Alam Singkawang, we can enjoy its natural beauty and we also can climb the mountain by foot while looking animal sculptures on road side. Here we can skydiving to Makjantu Gulf Coast. We will not allow to had skydiving alone, there are some trainers who will accompany us.

In Rindu Alam Singkawang we also can ride the train to surround the jungles and flowers garden along the way. You should try Singkawang journey one day!

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