Kadariah Sultan Palace Pontianak

This palace is one of the heritage buildings of Kadariah Kingdom government. The palace is located in the city center Pontianak so you will easily find out if you visit Pontianak. The palace is standing near Kapuas river and visited by many people in the afternoon. Many local people who came in the afternoon to spend time and waiting for maghrib. Visits to this palace is also one optional tours that you can do in Pontianak.

Kadariah Palace Pontianak is the central government of the past, the strong structure building made from solid wood, founded by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie in 1771. This palace gives a special attraction to the visitors by saves a lot of artifacts or historical objects like jewelry which used from generation to generation since several times ago. In addition, the collection of the throne, cannons, ancient objects, glassware and faded family photos, depicting the life of the past.

There is a pulpit made of wood, and there is also a French antique mirror in the main hall and often called as "thousand glass". Sultan also left a treasure-trove of heritage and other heritage to family members who are still there, to be maintained and cared for. Kadariah palace is located in Bugis area village, East Pontianak districts, and can be reached in less than 15 minutes from the center city of Pontianak.

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