Kijing Beach

Kijing Beach has long been a mainstay tourist attraction in Pontianak Regency. This beach attracts tourists because of its coastal full of palm trees and white sand gently sloping. The name Kijing derives from the kind of small shell and elongated that is widely available on the beach. Before becoming a tourist location as it is now. Kijing Beach is a place of mangrove forest with different types of marine life such as crabs, clams, and so forth.

Along Kijing Beach, starting from the South to the North are visible only white sand and the shade of palm trees as shelter. Atmosphere of the beach is undeniable provides its own beauty. Moreover, on early afternoon and the time setting of sun on the horizon, giving satisfaction to visitors.

The distance to reach this location about 70 km from Pontianak City of West Kalimantan. Kijing Beach is a beautiful beach, located 18 km from the Northern of Mempawah City towards Singkawang. In fact, administratively, the beach location is in Mempawah. Which covers 254.40 km have called by the locals as Bumi Galahherang. The city is located on the trade route between Pontianak, Singkawang and Sambas. Territory bordering with Bengkayang in the north, Ketapang in the South and Natuna Sea in the West and Landak Regency in the East.

How to get there:
Kijing Beach is one of the favorite attractions in West Kalimantan. Precisely lies in km 84 Sungai Sekunyit Village, Sungai Kunyit District, Mempawah of Pontianak Regency. The beach is surrounded by hills and palm trees can be reached by using a motorcycle or car. Required travel time of about 3 hours from Pontianak City heading to Kijing Beach. The beach had been seen from the highway.

The road to the beach most of the panoramic rice fields owned by local residents. The highway itself is flanked by a beach. On the right of the beach are the location of motor racing track and full of palm trees. The beach on the left facing the hill where provided canteen places to eat and drink visitors. Formerly Kijing Beach is the natural habitat of mangrove forest with marine fauna such as clams.

Ticket are quite affordable. Visitors only charged entrance fee of 5.000,- rupiahs per person. The facilities available are quite complete. There is a cafeteria, stage performances, and place of worship such as mosque and temple, as well as garden. The quiet beaches and lush is very suitable for family recreation. On holiday or Eid are usually crowded by tourist arrivals. Besides Kijing Beach, also has a separate icon namely Pontianak Monument or Equator Monument. This monument was built right on the equator. Still in Pontianak, namely Pulau Temajo located across Kijing Beach.

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