Melanggar Waterfall

Melanggar Waterfall or often called Banangar, Mananggar, and Menaggar is a broken fragment of Landak River who became nature waterfalls located in Air Besar District, Landak Regency. The waterfall is located in the upper Landak River, about 290 km northeast of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province. Melanggar Waterfall has a height of about 60 m and a width of 60 m which offers very beautiful natural charm.

The uniqueness of Melanggar Waterfall is there a lake under a waterfall with an area of approximately 2 hectares that is round and can be used for bathing, swimming and fishing. Furthermore, on the top mountain there Pejapa with a height of 1,019 m surrounding the Melanggar Waterfall and contained intact forests and protected. And finally, across the river there Sanjan cave contained small waterfalls and small streams.

Access to the base of waterfall is still very difficult. Roads were only trails, covered undergrowth so that the visitors prefer to enjoy on the top of waterfall. To enjoy it, visitors will traverse a long trip and winding. To visit Melanggar Waterfall, it takes about 6 to 7 hours use vehicles from Pontianak to Air Besar Districts. Located about 260 km from Pontianak that start from Ngabang to Serimbu. From Serimbu Village, cross Landak River by motor boat and arrived at Melanggar Waterfall.

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