Mount Poteng Singkawang

Mount Poteng tourism is located in Poteng, Nyiurunkup, East Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Mount Poteng area is the most clean water source of Singkawang city since Dutch era years ago. This mount is often known as thumb because its shape looks like a thumb just imagine a sign like in your facebook rotated clockwise turn, looks like the shape of a hand with a thumb nail. This scenery can be seen as a form of mount Poteng, and this is the origin of the name of this famous mountain. The mount is located in a nature reserve area of Raya Pasi. Of course, when you hear the word nature reserve, imagine what kind of treasures saved by the mountain which became a source of clean water in the city.

Various types of flora was grown and preserved in this area. Some rare plants were often present when you traverse this area, there are Rafflesia Arnoldi flower aka corpse flower, orchid Singkawang, Star flower and other flowers.

In this area, also live animals such as bears, pangolin and porcupine. Variety of animals and plants that adorn the tourist area of Mount Poteng make us feel like stand in free jungle since it first arrived at this place.

If you like to make an adventure activity, this is the right place. Here, you will meet many people who have the same goal to climb and crawl. Mount Poteng tourism area which is located about 9 kilometers in the eastern part Singkawang is still very natural, so explorer your adrenaline and climbers to be able to conquer this place. Nature reserve covering 3,700 ha area with a row of mountains like Mount Sebayung, mount Tinjau Laut, mount Nek Pading, mount Gamber, mount Mancar Silat, mount Beor, mount Ibu, mount Poteng, mount Pasi and Mount Raya are certainly a very interesting challenge to be conquered.

After your hiking to Mount Poteng this, of course, you will feel exhausted. Please drop back towards to Singkawang city center and stop in Hongkong market at night. There, you will find various kind of Singkawang culinary, such as; Gunting porridge, cattle porridge, Sotong Kangkung, spicy noodles, Maki Karamak, various noodles, and others who are ready to fill your hungry stomach. Hong Kong market area is open after 6 PM.

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