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Antariksa Wisata
Jl. Kolonel Atmo 103-C
Phone : (0711) 353643
Telex : 27166 KUC PG IA
Fax : (0711) 22539

Carmeta Ampuh
Jl. Dempo Luar No.29-30
Phone: (0711) 314790,353413
Telex: 27415 CAR P&
Fax : (0711) 312589

Santra Travel
Jl. Kapten A. Rivai No.6193
Phone : (0711) 310676

Wisata Indah
Jl. Veteran 173-C
Phone: (0711) 353811
Fax : (0711) 28880

Megah Express Intercont'l Tour
Jl. Kolonel Atmo
Phone: (0711) 366185

Matras Buana Raya
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 51
Phone: (0711) 366710

Sri Varia Wisata
Jl. Letkol. Iskandar 16-A
Phone : (0711) 355669

Pesona Wisata Sriwijaya
Jl. Bangau 154
Phone : (0711) 312397

Latest News

Bumi Ayu Temple, Muara Enim – South Sumatera

Bumiayu Temple Bumiayu temple is one of heritages from Hindu era. It located in coastal river of Lematang, administratively in Bumiayu village, Tanah Abang sub-district, Penukal Abab regency, Pematang Ilir. This temple is the only complex of temples in South … Continue reading

Siguntang Hill, Palembang

Compared to other areas in the vicinity, one of the attractions in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra has a higher contour, about 27 feet above sea level, and is touted as the highest position in the city. However, rather … Continue reading

Dempo Mountain, Lahat – South Sumatra

Mount Dempo is one of the natural attractions Lahat regency. The highest mountain in South Sumatra, this can be achieved directly from Palembang by private vehicle for about 6 hours, a distance of over 295 km. Can also use the … Continue reading

Putri Bekhusek Dance, Let’s Play And Dance With The Princess

Putri Bekhusek Dance the meaning of Putri Bekhusek is a princess that playing. This traditional dance is genuinely comes from Ogan Komering Ulu regency, South Sumatra. This dance is also a symbol of the wealthiness of South Sumatra. The movements … Continue reading

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