Teluk Gelam Lake

Teluk Gelam Lake offers charming natural sightseeing. The lake is located at the edge of east Sumatra highway, about 92 km to the southeast of Palembang. This lake is has quite and calm water, with little grass filled in the water. Even so, the lake can be used for rowing sports and jet skis.

At this location, the visitors can enjoy some water sport, swimming, fishing or just taking a walk. In the middle of the lake there is a land overgrown with thousands of Gelam tress (Melaleuka leucadendron) with tiny green leaves.

Teluk Gelam Lake is located in Tanjung Lubuk sub district, Ogan Komering Ilir regency, and it can be reached through east Sumatra highway. When we start from Palembang through the highways, it leads toward Lampung by private vehicle or charter.

At the location of this lake, the visitors can having some water sport, bathing, swimming, fishing, or just walking around. In the middle of the lake there is that land covered with thousands of Gelam trees (Melaleuka leucadendron) with tiny leaves with light green hue.

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