Sembilang National Park

Sembilang National Park is part of Banyuasin district and it has been a national park since March 19th, 2003, when it was separated from the Berbak National Park in Jambi. This park is typical of wet land area with various forest ecosystems, fresh water swamps, mangrove forest and mud flats.  At this park, about half of the park is covered by mangrove forests, while the rest is covered by peat swamp forest, lowland tropical forests, mud flats, freshwater swamp forests and riparian forests. Banyuasin peninsula is located on the east coast of South Sumatra, is a charming haven for water birds.

The muddy soil conditions and borders overgrown by mangroves make this place ideal for certain kinds of invertebrates such as worms, mollusks, and crustaceans. The peninsula that juts into the sea along the 1.5 kilometer is also makes this park becomes an ideal perch for birds migrating from Asia and Europe from October to December.

Chinese egret (Egretta Eulophotes), Trinil Lumpur-Asia (Limnodromus Semipalmatus), and Pedendeng Topeng (Heliopais Personata), is among the 30 species of birds that migrate to the peninsula Banyuasin. These birds seek a temporary home to avoid cold seasons in their primary habitats in Siberia, the Korean peninsula, and Japan. Their ultimate goal is a sub-tropical areas of Australia.

Enjoying the beauty of mangrove forests in Sembilang National Park is another attraction in the swampy areas along the rivers and sea. You can ask officials to take you to crocodile, snake, and bird nests, or to marvel at the endangered plants. You can also fish here catching five kilograms of fish within one hour according to local inhabitants.

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