"Limas", the traditional house

Limas house is a prototype of a traditional home in Palembang, South Sumatra. In addition characterized by a pyramid-shaped roof, this traditional house has a floor terraced called Bengkilas andonly used for the benefit of the family  celebration. The guests are usually accepted in terrace or second floor. The ornaments and carvings that show the charisma and the identity of the house. Most Limas house reaches 400 to 1000 square meters width or more, which was established in the top of the pole Onglen pole. The wood that been used to frame is tembesu, which taken from influence of.

Limas house in Palembang, sometimes is been called as Bari, that means old or ancient. Limas house is basically divided into three parts; front side, center and back. At the front, there are two stairs, while the center part is in the form of wide room. The wide room in center part is used for gathering activities like party or celebration. Moreover, the center part is has functioned as the display room, or to show the guest how prosper the owner of the house. The back part of the house is used for kitchen or anything to prepare for the mea.

The wall decoration in Limas house is mostly has floral carving motif that painted in Gold. However, the owner is sometimes uses the real tin and gold to embellish the carving and chandeliers.

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