Perigi Waterfall

Perigi Waterfall is located in Tanjung Sirih Village, Lahat regency. To reach Perigi waterfall is need a bit of a struggle, because we have to pass the drawbridge, through the path that up and down. But when it gets there, all the struggles are paid with its natural panorama, the clear sparkling water that flows and the green nuance over the forest.

To reach Perigi Village, it takes 15 minutes from Lahat city center. We can take motorcycle and have parking in Lubuk Sepang village. While the located of Perigi village is on the next to Lubuk Sepang, we can take a walk after crossing the drawbridge for about 100 meters.

There are two paths that can be traversed to get to Perigi waterfall. First, we can pass the trail that up and down, and break through the rubber plantation. That the common route for the local residents to go to their farms. Secondly, we can pass the suspension bridge there are way down and combed Lematang River. Of course, this path can only be passed if Lematang River is receding. This walk takes approximately 20 minutes.

Perigi Waterfall is not so high; there are three levels of the rocks. However, the natural scenery around the waterfalls cover speaks more; the rubber trees are lined up neatly and imply that the garden is being cared for by the local society. Perigi Waterfall is the perfect location to refresh our body and soul.

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