Kambas Waterfall

Kambas Waterfall is located in Ulak Lebar village, Ulu Ogan sub-district, Batu Raja, Ogan Komiring Ulu. This fall has 425M high above sea level and 50M high that surrounded by hills and forest with giant rocks.

To reach this waterfall is can be done by walking and it takes 30 minutes from Ulak Lebar village. During the journey to the waterfall, we can enjoy another waterfalll with 30M high, which is Pungai Waterfall that located around 500m from Kambas.

Kambas Waterfall offers a beautiful panorama with three height levels, each level has a different height. The first level is about 50 meters, level two is about 12 meters, and the third level is about 8 meters. Travel to this location will through the unspoiled hills through the forest plantations and Kambas River channel. Although close to the highway, to get to the location can only be reached by walking and is perfect for those

This site is included in the protected forest area that is surrounded by hills and there are large rocks. State location has large rocks and uneven contoured and it makes impossible to bring the vehicle directly to the location. Along the way, vthe isitors will be treated by exotic panorama of coffee plantations with a distinctive aroma, especially when the coffee flower blooming in its season. In fact, if you're lucky, when spring arrives, visitors can also enjoy the scent of the black orchid that supposedly had only exist in Papua and rarely bloom.

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