Rystam Efendi Street

City Bar & Restaurant
Jendral Sudirman Street 589
Phone: (0711) 26710

Grand Park Coffe Shop
Dr. Susilo Street 1A
Phone: (0711) 42550

Veteran Street 86-88
Phone: (0711) 23614

Sari Bundo
Jendral Sudirman Street

Pasific Hotel
Yos Sudarso Street 58
Phone: (0711) 42218


MM Restaurant
Mayor Ismail Husin Street 796
Phone: (0735) 321001

Pempek Emil Kedai
Dr Setiabudi Street 88
Phone: (0735) 324728

Pondok Pinang Pegagang Restaurants
Raya Beringin Street
Phone: (0735) 324187

Roxy 26 Restaurant
Brigjen Slamet Riyadi Street 226
Phone: (0735) 322443

Sate Tegal Restaurant
Dr Moch Hatta Street 1083
Phone: (0735) 323924

Aneka Rasa Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street Km 3/1112
Phone: (0735) 327071

Bayu Mas Restaurant
Laks L Re Martadinata Street 846
Phone: (0735) 321532

Ezan Restaurant
Gotong Royong Street
Phone: (0735) 326053

Kotabaru Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street Km 3,5
Phone: (0735) 321153

Mie Ayam Tomi Warung
Jend A Yani Street 333
Phone: (0735) 325183


Mawar Sari Restaurant
May Ruslan Street 1
Phone: (0731) 326277

Mutiara Baru Restaurant
Raya Kikim Puntang Street
Phone: (0731) 321420

Pioneerindo Gourmet International
May Ruslan II Street 1
Phone: (0731) 325111

Sari Minang Restaurant
May Ruslan II Street 38
Phone: (0731) 326570


Budi Minang Restaurant
Lintas Tmr Street
Phone: (0712) 335011

Jawa Timur Restaurant
Lintastimur Tugumulyo-Lempuing Street
Phone: (0712) 331192


Minang Setia Restaurant
Kel Mangun Jaya IV Street
Phone: (0712) 321723

Pempek Sinar Terang Toko
Letnan Muchtar Saleh 36-A Street
Phone: (0712) 321032

Wisata Minang Restaurant
Plg Lintas Tmr Street
Phone: (0712) 331412


Ansyori Warung
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 232
Phone: (0733) 323616

Aryaguna Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 14
Phone: (0733) 322280

Ayam Kalasan Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 242
Phone: (0733) 322120

B Mulia Restaurant
Lubuk Alung Market
Phone: (0751) 96057

Bobo Sea Food
Teuku Cik Ditiro Street 20
Phone: (061) 7951139

Bugi Lamo Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 5
Phone: (0733) 324322

DD Restaurant
Sungai Abang Street
Phone: (0751) 697837

Deli Sea Food Restaurant
Dr Sutomo Street 216
Phone: (0761) 7953678

Kejora Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street 01
Phone: (0733) 322034

Sari Bunda Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 89
Phone: (0733) 324129

Megang Raya Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 89
Phone: (0733) 322312

Sederhana Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 279
Phone: (0733) 322547

Selera Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0733) 323654

Sigalan Jaya Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 219
Phone: (0733) 321916

Simpang Raya Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 209
Phone: (0733) 322641

Singgalang Jaya Restaurant
Air Temam I Street
Phone: (0733) 451383

Soni Café
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 20
Phone: (0733) 325789

Sultan Hasanuddin Street 161
Phone: (061) 7953086

Padang Restaurant
Terminal Atas Market 17
Phone: (0733) 326246

Minang Fried Chickens
Dr Sutomo Street 20
Phone: (061) 7952429

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Siguntang Hill, Palembang

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