Sampit is the capital city of Kotawaringin Timur, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sampit is one of the oldest settlement in Kotawaringin Timur. The city’s name has been mentioned in Kakawin Nagarakertagama written on 1365 also by Banjar saga in the last part on 1163. Formerly Sampit is the largest timber port all of Indonesia because Kotawaringin is an area of timber producing forests. Sampit is a plantation area, most of the income comes from palm plantations. This area was previously a producer of timber and timber already scarce, the society and the company began to move into oil palm plantations. Geographical conditions of Sampit City is lowlands so very supportive to farm in this area. Beside to the income of oil palm plantation area is also derived from fish, rubber and coal mines. Sampit's population is currently about 80,000 people.

In Sampit City itself has a port that facilitates the distribution of goods on the island so it is possible for the delivery from Java Island to Kalimantan through Sampit. To the north part of Sampit City heading towards Pangkalanbun City began to area of oil palm plantations. This area was once the turf and now change into the area of the sprawling palm oil plantations.

In Sampit there are also airports named Haji Asan Airport. The location of H. Asan Airport is in the suburbs, where we want to enter Palangkaraya City and Sampit will be visible junction that leads to the airport. The road towards the airport will also be transparent to the city center of Sampit just along the edge of Mentaya River and then get to the market or city park. The existing cost of such as; Kalstar Air flight to Banjarmasin, Ketapang, Pangkalan Bun and Pontianak, while Merpati Nusantara Airlines to Jakarta and Surabaya. Flights in Sampit collaboration in local government and the airline that sometimes there are government subsidies for low-cost at Feast Day.

Sampit Tourist Attraction:

Sampit City has a large river namely Mentaya River is used for transportation. Mentaya River is a river of Sampit community pride because of extensive and long of Mentaya River, so Sampit can be referred to Mentaya City.

Tourist attractions in Sampit is Pandaran Beach that located at the mouth of Mentaya River. Other attractions are the orchid gardens at the upstream drainage area which is the end of Sampit City. There is also the famous natural attractions in Sampit, the people of Sampit often called the Blue Lake. And many tourist attractions that we can be explored more on Sampit.

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