Kotawaringin Barat – Kubu Beach

In Kotawaringin Barat regency there are few locations beach tourism that you can enjoy vacation named Kubu Beach. Kubu Beach is a beach located in the cluster of Bogam bay tourism area. Kubu Beach the most visited by local of ommunity Pangkalan Bun due to the location of Kubu Beach which is the closest beach to downtown than the other beaches.

Kubu Beach can be reached by car about 30 minutes from downtown Pangkalan Bun. Unfortunately there is no public transport to reach this location. So if you want to get this location it is necessary to use a private vehicle or hire a vehicle. Towards Kubu Beach is easy, from the center of Pangkalan Bun city drive towards Kumai. Arriving on Monyet roundabout then turn right, continue straight course will meet Kubu Beach.

Compared to other travel in Kotawaringin Barat, Kubu Beach has had family recreational facilities such as swings and animals replica. So, you can take a picture with your family there. Do not forget to try the bridge leading down to the sea in order to enjoy the sound of rustling surf beach there.

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