Butong Lake

Butong Lake area is located in Butong village, Teweh Selatan district, Barito Utara regency. In this area, there is also rattan Sedatu garden which has protected as hereditary by Butong villagers. In order to preserve the lake, the people always take care of it and there is no order or rules in writing, but voluntarily keeping with overseeing indirectly anyone who enters to Butong lake area.

To keep the villagers made a rule that no development or other activities on the edge of the lake onto land along three kilometers along the lake.

Butong Lake area has biodiversity of flora and fauna. Certain types of orchids can be found in this area, also rare trees are still well preserved. Not only that, in this area there are also assorted squirrels, monkeys from small to the largest, including in this case the animals are reserved, the Orang Utan. You can also found ape nose, Bakantan and black monkey.

One reference for those who want to go to this location, is, you should first contact the Youth Group Awareness or local village chief or through the Foundation of Barito Green, for you to know exactly the condition of the lake. In rainy season, long trips using motorized boats less than half an hour, during the trip you will be enchanted by the natural beauty that you pass through.

If you want an overnight stay here, you can having negotiable with your guides and the fishermen, lanting owner in the lake. To spend the night do not forget to bring enough Sango, anti mosquito and blankets. You need to know, in the area of the lake there is no shop, it should be provided alone.

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