Muara Teweh

Muara Teweh town is the capital city of Barito Utara regency which mostly inhabited by Dayak Bakumpai tribe, Dayak sub-ethnis in Barito. Mostly, they are Moslem. This town surrounded by forest and elongated following the river flow. This town is the one crowd countryside in Barito river, which divide Kalimantan islnd from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan to Murung Raya regency, Central Kalimantan.

As 'water' town, Muara Teweh presenting a unique view. In this small town, there are quite a lot of floating homes, set along the banks of Barito River. Such kind of house can be regarded as local wisdom to avoid the danger of flooding. Due to flooding in Muara Teweh generally in puddle, not a flood, so however high the flood that occurred will not drown the houses.

Along the river, visitors will also find a charming natural scenery. Watching dense and green forests of Borneo and listen to the song of the typical animals there, is a valuable experience that you cannot find in other places. By using speed boat public service, visitors can enjoy the unlimited natural scenic beauty along Barito River basin. Visitors do not need to worry about the price offered, because there is no official price for the transporter, so that visitors can neutralize. In general, the cost incurred depends on the distance desired by visitors.

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