Barito Utara

Barito Utara regency is one of regencies in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The capital of the district is located in Muara Teweh. North Barito can be said as a fertile area with outstanding nature contents. This area can be developed as a potential tourist destination. It is reasonable however if development policies in tourism aspect is focused on developing potential tourist attraction, whether natural tourism, culture, and history.

The potential tourist destinations to be developed are Jantur Doyan waterfall area, which is currently widely used as recreation area of Muara Teweh town residents and its surroundings. Besides, the tourists can also enjoy others natural beauty objects in Barito Utara, such as Nature Reserves or Pararawen Protected Forest, Butong Lake, Inih waterfall and lake, and Trinsing irrigation Dam.

Otherwise, because this region is known for having a lot of plateaus with mountainous rock formations, so in some places scattered natural caves which are very challenging for the adventurous traveler. You will meet Siapa Cave, Lambung Cave, Liang Pandan Cave, Liang Idai Cave, and others. While the beautiful mountains can seen in the area of Mount Lumut and Angah (Sentuyun Waterfall Benangin).

However, the peak of the real wonders of the natural scenery can be found in the nature reserve area or Forest Preserve Pararawen II. There are interesting attractions here, including various species of flora and fauna, typical of tropical forests of Borneo, and unspoiled plasma nuftah richness.

While tourism culture that spread across Barito Utara regency has artistic worth with a very high taste. Valuable cultural heritage of this region gives the typical personification diversity and high creative ability, feeling and intention of the past ancestors. The results of past cultures has social, civic, education and history value.

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