The Wreck Of Onrust Ship

As described earlier, when you travel to Barito Utara, you can also see the beautiful panorama of Jantur Doyan waterfall, Nature Reserve or Pararawen Protected Forest, unique panoramic of Butong Lake, Inih lake and waterfall, and Trinsing Irrigation Dam. However, the area is also famous as the historical sights, because there is the wreck of Onrust ship belong to the Dutch which drowned by Indonesian war fighter when the Dutch enter this area, as well as variety of sacred tombs fighters, who also received a lot of attention from the visitors.

The remains of those Onrust wreck contained in Lanjas village and as the area of interesting historical sights while memorized the heroic warrior of Barito at that time. The wreck of the warship was drowned by Tumenggung Soerapatti and his men, in the days before independence. This historical site become important construction in the heroic history of Barito Utara people in against invaders. While, there is others historical object here, such as the Tomb of Sultan Muhammad Seman (Prince Antasari son), and many more.

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