Tablanusu Village – Jayapura regency

Tablanusu Village is one complete tourism destination located in Tablanusu village, Depapre district, Jayapura regency, Papua Province. The word ‘Tablanusu’ itself was taken from 2 fused word, Tepara which means one original tribe there and Onusu which means setting of the sun. This location is one favorite destination in Papua and always crowded by many tourists on weekend. Its peaceful nature, comfortable location, beautiful seaview with clear water and calm wave, and also local people hospitality will welcome you once you’re in Tablanusu Village.

There are many spots you can find in Tablanusu. You can have forest tour by trekking through by some starting points around Tablanusu together with local people. For you who love historical tours, you can see the remains of alliance army from the time of World War II. According to the history, Tablanusu village was one army base for alliance in the eastern side of Indonesia. There’s also a grave near to the church believed as one important figure and also the one who built the church.

There are many cross-shaped inscriptions you can find which according to local people, those inscriptions were made to honor entering Christian to Tablanusu Village in the early of 1990s. For you who love nature tours, you can have a forest tour by trekking through by some starting points around Tablanusu accompanied by local people. In the forest, you will be pleased by many kinds of endemic animals and plants grown naturally. There’s also a lake lived bay many fresh-water creatures like golden fish, mujair and bandeng (milkfish). You can also find a beach not far from the village where you can snorkel and dive comfortably.

There are two small islands near the village recommended to come to if you’re in Tablanusu. It will only take few minutes to get to those small islands. In the islands, you can find endemic orchid of Papua grown beautifully. You can also see beautiful scenery from these two small islands.

In this village, there are several cultural ceremonies of Tablanusu you can watch like Sasi and Tiyatiki ritual held annually aor once in two years. Sasi ceremony is sticking suang teko (a beach iron wood’s branch) into the location where there are many fishes found, especially in coral reefs area. Tiyatiki is a ritual for banning fish catching for agreed duration.

Another unique thing of Tablanusu is that almost all parts of this 230 hectare area village are covered by small black natural rocks, so they will make sound if you walk on them. But for local people, they have their trick to not make any sound while walking on them. This thing makes it’s easier to recognize any new comer by hearing the rubbing sound made by those rocks. You can not only find natural beauty, tradition exoticism, village’s uniqueness and its people hospitality, but also many facilities tourists can get. If you want to stay overnight, you can rent local people’s houses who will willingly welcome you in Tablanusu Village.

How to get there

To get to Tablanusu village, you can start from Jayapura heading to Sentani which is located 33 km away. As you arrive in Sentani, your trip continues using public transportation or rented car to Depapre Port for about two hours. From the port, you need to use motorized boat heading to Tablanusa Village for about 20 minutes. Then you have to continue going on foot to Tablanusu Village.

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