Nusi Beach and Island – Nabire regency

Nusi beach is one nautical beauty that can be found in Makimi district, Nabire regency, Papua. This tourist attraction managed by local government of Nabire regency. The beach is pretty crowded, especially on holidays. Although has black sandy but the natural beauty of Nusi beach is still enchanting quite clear.

The natural beauty of underwater scenery can also be enjoyed. One is by snorkeling. For those of you who like snorkeling, can rent snorkeling equipment that is around this beach. A variety of marine life such as seaweed, fish and coral reefs can be found here.

Across Nusi beach, we could see the beautiful Nusi Island. If you want to get Nusi Island we could rent a boat to get there. No need to worry, there are some accommodations can be rented if you want to stay overnight in the area of these attractions. Various food stalls were also easily found around Nusi beach.

Entrance ticket

Every visitor who visited Nusi beach required to pay of IDR 30,000 per person. But keep in mind also the price may change in accordance with the applicable policies.

How to get there

Nusi beach within about an hour's drive from the downtown of Nabire. To reach it can use private vehicles or rental that can be found around Nabire. Along the way to this beach we will be treated to a beautiful view.

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