Nabire is lies on the Cendrawasih Bay area of Papua Province and Pacific Ocean, which is above three slab of earth resulting prone to earthquake. Geographically Nabire bordered as follow; to the North is Yapen Islands regency, to the East is Waropen and Paniai regency, to the South is Dogiyai regency, and to the West is Teluk Wondama and Kaimana regency (West Papua).

Nabire is one of regencies in Papua Province with Nabire City as the capital. Nabire is known as the second-biggest producer of coffee after Jayawijaya regency. It is also known as City of Orange. As many areas in Papua, Nabire has also great potential of sea riched. This fact is supported by Cendrawasih Bay National Sea-Park in Nabire.

There are many versions of the history of Nabire. One of them is Hegure tribe’s version stated that Nabire came from Inambre which means the coast that overgrown by plants species of palm trees such as; broom fibers tree, enau forest tree, nibun tree and the other palm trees. Due to the communication and connecting with the tribes entrants, over time was pronounced Inambre has changed Nabire. Also from Yerisyam tribe’s version stated that Nabire came from Navire which means abandoned area. The word “Navire” was pronounced when a peace party was held between Hegure and Yerisyam tribe. Then Navire has changed into Nabire. Another version of Yerisyam tribe stated that Nabire came from the word Na Wyere which means lost area. This version was related to a disease plague resulting many of the residents moved away and left the area. Then from time to time the word Na Wyere has been changed into Nabire.

The tourism in Nabire still limited because the facilities and potential tourist attraction still managed in a professional manner. Nabire potential tourist attraction which has fairly good respect in marine tourism, nature and cultural tourism.

How to get there

To reach Nabire town, air travel will end at Nabire airport. An airport with the airport code NBX is a class II airports aviation pioneers from and to some areas of Papua as Biak, Jayapura, Timika and others. Nabire airport is located in Jalan Singamangaraja, Nabire, Papua province, Indonesia.

The distance between Nabire airport with the city center about two kilometers. To go from Nabire airport to the city center Nabire or otherwise be able to use public transportation which is called by the name of the taxi by the locals. If using taxis charged around IDR 15,000 one way. However, a motorcycle taxi fares also customize a deal with the driver and the distance, so if using public transportation.

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