Pojok Purwokerto
Raya Sentani Street, Sentani Kota
Phone: (0967) 22956

Rasa Sayang
Jend. A. Yani Street 54, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21171

Protokol Sentani Kota Street, Jayapura

Koti Street 58, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 122793

Soa-Siu Dok Street 11, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 22956

Pantai Kelapa Street 5, Argapura
Phone: 22639

Sari Rasa
Matahari Street 29, Jayapura

Sinar Purnama
Setiapura Street 11, Jayapura

Megaria (Indonesian)
Pembangunan Street 35, Jayapura

Memberamo (Indonesian)
Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21564

Jend. A. Yani Street 40, Jayapura
Phone: (09671) 22316

Koti Street 70, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21187

99 Fast Food
Jend. A. Yani Street 22, Jayapura
Phone: (09671) 210055

Koti Street 66, Jayapura

Jend. A. Yani Street 12, Jayapura

Apuse (Indonesian)
Koti 64 Street, Jayapura

Artis (Indonesian)
Jend. A. Yani Street 12, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21093

Asia (Indonesian, Chinese)
Majapahit Street 4, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 22064

Dafonsoro (Indonesian, Chinese)
Percetakan Street 2a24, Jayapura

Hawaii (Indonesian, Chinese)
Irian Street 2, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 22706

Hidangan Maros (Indonesian)
Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street 4, Jayapura

Himalaya (Indonesian, Chinese)
Matahari Street, Jayapura

Flamboyant (Indonesian, European)
Percetakan Street 30, Jayapura

Gembira (Indonesian)
Percetakan Street 36, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 22523

Jaya Grill (Indonesian, European)
Koti Street 5, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 23436, 22783

Gudeg Yogya
Jl. Percetakan 20, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21870

Koti Street 70, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21187

Pembangunan Street 21, Jayapura

Snack Baruma
Sapur Rani Airport Sentani, Jayapura


The Honai Resort
jalan Hom-Hom - Pikhe
Telp (0969) 31515,31516
Fax (0967) 31513
Wamena 99511

Jayawijaya Hotelama
PO. Box. 57
Phone: 11
Rooms: 17

Balian Cottages
Jl. Thamrin
PO. Box. 32 Wamena 99511
Rooms: 8

Latest News

Organic Papua Arabica Coffee Full of Benefits

The fertile land makes Indonesia rich in plantation products, especially upland plantations such as coffee. One of the highlands in Indonesia turns out to produce the best Arabica coffee, low in acid and caffeine. Some coffee lovers and observers say arabica coffee from the highlands of Papua is one of the best coffees Indonesia has. Arabica coffee grown in the peak area of Jayawijaya mountains has acid levels that close to zero, and low caffeine. Because the higher the place, the better arabica coffee will be. Arabica coffee is grown…

Kapsul Waktu Monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

For those who want to spend a vacation in Merauke Regency, they indeed need to find information regarding the most recommended tourist sites in that region. As for the reference, there is the famous Kapsul Waktu Monument in Kelapa Lima Village. The location is right on the city square, so it is quite accessible for everyone. Well, aside from the easy accessibility, the monument becomes famous due to other reasons, though. For instance, it is related to the name, which means the monument of the time capsule. Not to mention…

Merauke, A Beautiful City in the Eastern End of Indonesia

Known as the town at the east-most end of Indonesia. Merauke is the first town in Indonesia Archipelago that catches the first rays of the rising tropical sun. Officially, Merauke as the capital city of Papua province, Indonesia. Merauke as one of the goals in Papua must be visited and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Found on February 12, 1902 by a Dutch citizen who tried to live among the indigenous population of Marind Anim and Sohores. The name Merauke itself is said to originate from an anecdote among Dutch settlers and indigenous. At…

Wondama Bay

Teluk Wondama Teluk Wondama or Wondama Bay Regency is one of regencies in West Papua provinse. The capital city is located in Rasiei and it was formed since 12 April 2003 as an expansion of Manokwari regency. This regency is bounded with Tahota distric, Manokwari regency and Cendrawasih bay in north; Yaur distric, Nabire regency and some parts in Kaimana regency in south; Kuri district, Idoor district and Bintuni Bay regency in west; and Umar bay district, Nabire regency and Cendrawasih bay in East. This regency is having very rich…

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