Ahe Island – Nabire regency

Ahe Island is the most preferred tourist destination by the foreign tourist. The tourist spot almost every time there was a tourist visiting Ahe Island to enjoy its natural scenery. The island is very beautiful to enjoy. Moreover, the natural beauty gives coolness and tranquility to visitors. Beside to the natural landscape, Ahe Island also has beautiful underwater scenery.

Traditional arts and culture on Ahe Island, is able to attract tourists to visit the tourist sites. Art and cultural attractions that we see on the island, to help the survival of local residents earn extra income for their families. Each performance art and culture they will be paid by the tourists. The local arts and cultural activities able to be a tourist attraction has a close relationship with tourism.

Ahe Island has an area of approximately 300 square meters. On the island there is the wreckage heritage from allies in World War II, most of them have moved to the mainland. Expanse of water dotted coral reefs and other biota wealth adds to the beauty of island. These attractions are managed by the local community under the coordination of the Department of Tourism Nabire Regency and Papua province. To reach these places, using speedboats and longboats for approximately 20 minutes from the capital regency and 1.5 to 2 hours if departing from Nabire.

How to get there

To go to Ahe Island, from Nabire town could lead to Satpol Air Nabire police station located in the Port Samabusa with about half an hour long trip by land vehicles. From this port we can rent a boat to get to Ahe Island to travel about an hour long.

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