Paniai Lake – Paniai regency

Paniai Lake is one of the lake that are worth to visit in Papua province. Paniai Lake is situated at Paniai Timur district, Paniai regency of Papua province. The scenery is pretty typical of the eastern tip of the island of Indonesia is ready to hypnotize you. The blue water lake in collaboration with the sunlight into the eyes of the sights that we rarely find in city center at once indulgent eye.

Paniai Lake has an area of approximately 14,500 hectares, it can provide a space for tourists to choose a location that corresponds to the desire when visiting to the lake. Located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level is certainly making this area was cool. Not only scenery and coolness are the main attraction of this Paniai Lake, underwater wealth is also a mainstay of Paniai Lake. Various types of freshwater fish as well as shrimp decorates this lake.

Besides enjoying the exoticism of Paniai Lake from the edge of the lake, you can try another activities, such as fishing or rent a boat to the residents around to surround the vast lake. In addition to enjoying the sparkling blue water of the lake and the split rate of the boat, you can also use this moment to capture the area of Paniai Lake from all angle.

How to get there

To get to Paniai Lake, you can start the trip from Enarotali city, the capital regency of Paniai. From Enarotali city, there are two paths to the area of Paniai Lake. First, use a landline to hire buses Mitsubishi Strada types that can be relied upon to traverse the rugged terrain and winding. Second, take the air line with a plane AMA and AMAF Cessna that could land in the uplands with the characteristics of the soil foundation.

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