Bosnik Beach in Biak Island

Sometimes, it is quite a dilemma when it comes to choosing a tourist spot in Papua Province. As for reference, a beautiful beach is located on Biak Island. The name is Bosnik Beach and it is located about 15 km from Biak City. Due to its charming beauty, more are interested in visiting the beach. They don’t even care about a tiring trip to reach the location. Moreover, they come with a different purpose. These include photography, beach walking, relaxation, and spending a honeymoon. It is safe to say Bosnik is the center of coastal tourism in Biak!

The Nuance
Let’s describe the beauty of Bosnik Beach. The sea water is crystal clear and it has a blue color. Not to mention it has a wide sandy area that comes with a soft texture. Near to the shoreline, a formation of coconut trees grows beautifully. The beach has a unique feature, which is the pavement that separates the land and the water. Usually, visitors would walk on it and enjoy breezy wind of the beach. The best time to visit the location is in the afternoon when the sky appears romantic and stunning. Plus, the sunset is mesmerizing.

Exploring Bosnik Beach
It is a no brainer. Most of the visitors are people who live in Biak. However, the beach is also popular among outsiders and foreigners. The most crowded time is during weekends and holidays. That means many people are seen on the beach, including villagers and visitors. Due to an easy access, Bosniac Beach becomes tourists’ primary vacation destination when spending time in West Papua Province. Even though they need to cross the sea to reach Biak Island, it is a worthy trip. In the end, they will be rewarded with a flawless coast and an excellent seascape. Thus, any tiring trip would vanish instantly.

Sightseeing is the most common activity in Bosnik Beach. Though, it is not the only fun activity to do there. For instance, tourists can perform water sports like snorkeling and swimming. Even kids are allowed to get in the water, as long as they wear a floating tire. For those looking for a better experience, snorkeling is a good idea. Lots of stunning nautical objects are scattered underwater. These include corals, fishes, etc. One thing, tourists should carry some money for renting the snorkel gear. They may also need the money to buy drinks and foods, after all.

For those who can’t swim, there is an alternative activity. It is to enjoy stunning views of the beach and the gusty wind. The fact is that some gazebos are available to rent, which are located near to the shoreline. Don’t forget to buy fresh coconut drink either! Another fun activity is beach volley! The sand is suitable and comfortable to play such sports, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The best way to reach Biak Island is by airplane and the destination is Frans Kaisipeo International Airport. To be exact, the beach is located in Woniki Village, East Biak. From Biak City, it takes 30 minutes to reach the location.

Where to Stay

  • Intsia Hotel
  • Arumbai Hotel
  • Irian Hotel

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