Moerdani Monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

Merauke Regency should be everyone’s next destination after visiting Jayapura City in Papua Province. Not only the region offers unique traditions and beautiful natural attractions, but it also features some interesting monuments. One of them is located in Tanah Miring Sub-District, which is called Moerdani Monument. The locals often call it Tugu Murdani and it belongs to Yasa Mulya Village. In terms of function, the monument was built to recall the merit of local heroes in getting rid of the Dutch from Papua. The monument was named after the famous major namely Benny Moerdani, actually. These days, the monument also functions as a new vacation spot in Merauke!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the site offers a peaceful and comfy ambiance. It is because the monument is located within a rural area. Despite the fact, the construction is quite visible, as it resides in the midst of crossroads. The foundation has the color of the national flag, which is red and white. As for the size, the height is moderate. Plus, the monument features an army statue carrying a machine gun on his right hand and parachute on his left hand. There is also the inscription written on the monument!

Exploring Moerdani Monument
Well, for the locals, Moerdani Monument has become the symbol of local bravery. It helps them to recall the important merit of the people in the past in fighting the invaders, as well. Also, in the afternoon, lots of villagers are often seen on the site spending a comfortable family recreation and hanging out. Even though the monument is located on a junction, the traffic is quite low. Thus, visitors can explore the site comfortably there.

As for tourists or outsiders, the monument becomes a great place to conduct photography. That means they can simply take photos of the building and take selfies in front of it. No other monuments feature that unique statue, after all. Next, they can learn history regarding Benny Moerdani. In this case, the help of a local guide is required in order to get thorough information regarding this person and his merits in the past. It is said he and his troops were able to get rid of the Dutch from Papua in 1962!

What is next? Aside from relaxation, photography, and learning history, visitors can also conduct exploration once arriving at Moerdani Monument. Later, before going back to the hotel room, they have the chance to drop by at nearby villages, too! The purpose is to meet local people and hear further information related to the monument.

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How to Get There
For those who live outside Papua Province must take an airplane in order to reach Merauke Regency. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City to Merauke would take around 6 hours and 45 minutes. It can be faster if tourists come during good weather, so don’t worry. Also, it is recommended to take only the best airplane service.

Once tourists arrive at Mopah Airport, they can directly head to the monument, which is located in Yasa Mulya Village. This can be done by taking a land transportation service, actually. The best route to take is Poros SP2 Street and the distance is 42.2 km. During the regular traffic, therefore, this trip may take around 1 hour and 3 minutes.

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